With distinctly different personalities during their youth, what was once an unlikely partnership has blown into a fine-tuned, dynamic duo. The Bezdek brothers have been blowing glass together for over a decade. In that time, they have transformed from an indifferent and tolerant brotherhood to what can be described as an instinctual rhythm, hypnotizing onlookers with effortless communication and trust while balancing hot iron, molten glass, and time.

During adolescence, Tate and Aaron independently spent a tremendous amount of time outdoors. The clarity Mother Nature offered in their youth influenced their ambition, planted the certainty that one day they would be craftsmen, and held them together like the roots of a native oak tree. 

Both brothers began their careers in glass at the ripe age of 17. Tate nagged his way into an unpaid apprenticeship at a few private hot shops in Sacramento, CA. His passion for glassblowing boiled quickly and enthusiastically with each gather of glass. As glassblowing is primarily a two-man endeavor, Tate wrangled, rassled, and bribed Aaron into helping him make work (any chance he could get) until Aaron too was enamored. 

After a couple years of apprenticing, the guys sought out paying jobs in glass. A production studio in Berkeley, CA, was feverishly seeking pyromaniacs; the guys were a shoo-in. It was in glass manufacturing that Tate and Aaron were able to hone their glassblowing expertise and develop valuable entrepreneurial skills. It was also where they met their now-business partner, Ash Koss, and the vision began to take flight. 

In manufacturing, the brothers quickly climbed the ranks from color dropper to mold blower to gaffer. Simultaneously, they blew glass before work, after work, and on their lunch breaks, as well as rented studio time on their days off in order to create more work to sell at local art shows. When the trio wasn't in a hot shop, they were on the road in their trusted E350 rainbow mini school bus, participating in up to 44 art shows a year until they had the capital to build their first shop. It was easy to see the potential of this collaboration. The three had the same ambitious spirit, the same fearless nature, and the same determination to build something big. In 2018, the triad hand-built their first private hot shop in Orangevale, CA.  

Before delving into entrepreneurship and taking on a magnitude of hats for 2BGlass, Ash was a glass Color Buyer. Prior to that, she had a decade of experience working in corporate America as an administrative assistant, as well as in construction and design. She has a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies, is a Certified TEFL teacher, and is a Licensed Health Coach. She would say, "What once seemed to be too wide a range of interests has turned out to be exactly what was needed to press the gas on the vast ambitions of 2BGlass."

Ash now serves as co-owner and Creative Director for 2BGlass. Her skills are utilized planning public events for the company, designing products and websites, outreach, and social media.

Since becoming a business owner, Tate has developed a second passion for entrepreneurship. Business statistics, cost savings, and logistics have become an intoxicating area of fulfillment for Tate. He serves as a full-time Glassblower and as the Chief Financial Officer for 2BGlass.

From the beginning, Aaron took the lead on the physical demands of starting a business. He has found equipment building, electrical programming, and shop maintenance rewarding additions to his role. He has taken courses on furnace rebuilding, welding, and glass equipment design. He also enjoys teaching and now serves 2BGlass as a full-time Glassblower, Hot Shop Manager and Lead Instructor.

Together, the three accomplish mountains of dreams, far more than they would apart, and are aligned in the desire to continue to grow the 2BGlass brand into a community favorite for decades to come! Join them in celebrating taking risks, following your heart, and bringing the arts to the community by visiting 2BGlass online or NOW IN PERSON.


2BGlass Hot Shop and Showroom is located in Cameron Park, CA.

Sprawling a 5000-square-foot building, you will find a 1500-square-foot gallery/retail store and a 2500-square-foot hot shop open to the public five days a week,

Tuesday–Saturday, 10–6 p.m.

Watch as the team utilizes a 1000-pound furnace, full of molten glass, standing at 2400 degrees, to create elegant, functional, and modern decor. And once your mind has been blown... wink, wink... take a transcendent stroll through their breathtaking showroom, stocked full of inventory, wall art, and custom lighting inspiration—for you or a friend! If you think their products look good online, just wait until this ancient art form fascinates and mesmerizes your senses and you hold its glossy sophistication in your hands—and then you realize it's made from soda lime and sand?!

The shop closes at 6 p.m.; my best advice? Give yourself plenty of time (to clean up your drool). 


From the founders:

"We're trying to create perfection in an imperfect world. It's impossible, but we can still enjoy trying. Life is full of challenges; glassblowing helps you deal with them with more grace, detachment, and peace of mind." - Aaron

"Nailing complementary colors, whether I am designing a set of glasses or curating a custom installation, gets me giddy. The rare craft of hand-blown glass truly brings a space to life in a way no other art form can. It freezes time with its timeless texture. It's fluid and memorable, bold yet subtle, fresh yet ancient. And when you start with all that and then add the perfect palette, it's pure magic!" - Ash

"Every day in the hot shop is inspiring, knowing that each gather of molten glass at the end of our pipes can become just about anything. If you're feeling stuck, glassblowing will unstick you. It teaches that the only limitations you have are the ones that you hold on to. We hope that you will fall in love with hand-blown glass the way that we have." - Tate 



 L to R: Tate Bezdek, Ash Koss, Aaron Bezdek




2BGlass has a retro-modern, functional style that is crisp, refreshing, and colorful—just like nature. As a brand, they aspire to curate comforting and color-pleasing palettes as well as shapes that provide an authentic legacy to the homes they reside in.