Not Your Average Blow-Your-Own

Enjoy a private lesson on handblown glass taught by

expert glassblowers and owners of 2BGlass.


What makes our class different?

- Private lesson taught by expert glassblowers and owners of 2BGlass
- Thorough instruction and a hands on approach to learning
- Your choice of creating a glass bowl, cup, ornament, pumpkin or paperweight
- Take home demonstration piece made by 2BGlass instructor - a $75 value
- All glass materials and tools included

What to expect on class day?

Upon arrival your expert glassblower will introduce you to the shop and walk you through color theory and selection. Once you have chosen your shape and color(s), you will be invited into the hot shop where the class will begin with a demo from your instructor. After the demo, you will start your lesson. You will learn skills such as gathering glass, picking up color, keeping your piece at a workable temperature, marvering, blowing, using various molds and so much more!


At the end of your lesson you will secure your piece in the annealer where it will take 16 hours to slowly reach room temperature. Once your piece is secure you will have the opportunity to ask Tate and/or Aaron any last burning (get it - wink wink) questions, explore the hot shop and gallery and if we're lucky, leave us a rave review! 


On that note, don't take our word for it, check out our past student testimonials to get a feel for what you can expect at 2BGlass!


Is there anything else I should know?

- No prior experience is needed to participate in this class
- Please wear closed-toed shoes and tie your hair back if applicable
- You are welcome to bring preferred beverages, snacks, cake, etc. Clean up of your celebration before leaving is required.
- Accompanied viewers are welcome to sit in our viewing area, but will not be permitted on the hot shop floor
- Minimum age limit is 9 contingent a guardian is present
- Minimum of 2 people are required to book a class
- Our classes are modeled like a private event for you and your party of 2 or more


If you would like to book a class of more than 8 or have any questions please reach out - (530) 417-1998

When can I pick up my piece(s)?

Two business days after your class you will have the option to either pick up your piece(s) or you can opt to have them shipped.


- Shipping is $20 payable at the end of your lesson

Are You Ready to Get Hands-On with Handblown Glass?!