Amber Glass Straws

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Each straw is sold individually!

Our straws are made of Borosilicate glass, the strongest glass formula known! This is the same glass formula used to make Pyrex dishes.
Borosilicate glass is also the same glass used to make lab equipment.

Glass straws are:
 Non-porous – no leeching of metals, no absorbing of bacteria (or yesterday’s smoothie)
 Resistant to extreme temperatures
 Easy to clean & you can see through it to be sure
 Have NO TASTE – unlike metal, paper, plastic or bamboo!
 Are recyclable

Your size/options are:
5in Straight
9in Straight
11in Straight

9in Bent
11in Bent

The straw cleaner is 9.5in long and cleans out the straws perfectly.
Straws are dishwasher safe as well.

2BGlass offers 6 different colors in our shop.