Our Story

dfgdfgdfgdfgdfg.jpgAt the ages of 21 and 25, 

Brothers Tate and Aaron Bezdek are the youngest hot glass studio owners in the nation.

Dedicated and passionate about the ancient art form of glass blowing both Tate and Aaron committed themselves to the craft in 2012.

With the goal of opening their own studio they worked as apprentices in Sacramento, CA, climbed the ranks at a local studio in Berkeley, CA, traveled to Italy to learn from the masters themselves, took courses across the country educating on the craft as well as the equipment and wrangled as many Art Festivals as they could fit into the years selling their creations every step of the way. 

Seven long, challenging years later, the studio has opened & the furnace is HOTT! (follow us on Instagram for photos of the build @2bglass!)


In earlier years Tate and Aaron would spend a tremendous amount of time outdoors. The silence and clarity they experienced in nature during their adolescence influenced their ambition and drove their certainty that they would one day be craftsmen.

Nature not only allowed their internal artist to play, to imagine the possible, but it also allowed them to breath and believe.

As the years passed, they became more and more clear about what they wanted, how they could make it happen, the research and education they needed to find and the construction and equipment that they had to learn how to build.

They knew it was going to be hard, that they were going to need more money and resources then they had, but they took small steps and did it anyway.


As a duo the Bezdek's have a simple, yet captivating style. They create traditional, retro and modern glassware and art pieces. They enjoy collaborating and sharing a vision with others, bringing imagination to life.

Both brothers are determined to be great glass blowers, to never stop learning. To make beautiful works of art and to share a rare craft with the world. 


"Every day in the shop is inspiring, knowing that each gather of molten glass at the end of our pipe can become just about anything. We hope that you will fall in love with hand blown glass the way that we have."

-Tate and Aaron