Blow-Your-Own Ornament

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In this class you will work with Tate or Aaron to create TWO one-of-a-kind glass ornaments!

The course will start with a quick demo, to show you a brief overview of the steps to come. After the demo you will begin working on your piece. You will learn skills such as gathering glass, picking up color, keeping your piece at a workable temp., marvering, blowing and using an optic mold. At the end of the class you will secure your ornaments in the annealer where they will take 16 hours to come down in temperature. 

You will be able to pick up your pieces the next day or opt to have them shipped.

Class Level : No prior experience is needed to participate in this class.

  • All equipment and materials included.
  • Shipping is $20.
  • Please wear close toed shoes and bring a hair tie for long hair.

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