Color Palette




Clear glass color preview. Clear Glass

Glass in its pure form with out any color added. Refreshing and timeless, this glass makes its contents sparkle.


Cherry colored glass swatch Cherry Glass

Bold and breathtaking, this color will be sure to make an instant statement.


Fuchsia glass swatch from 2B Glass Fuchsia Glass

If you think pink, then you need to think fuchsia colored glass. 


Apricot glass swatch from 2B Glass Apricot Glass

Warm and bright, apricot glass will brighten up any space. 


Amber glass swatch from 2B Glass Amber Glass

Amber glass is  a beautiful color for glass and a classic, with warm and deep brown tones.


Gold glass swatch from 2B Glass Gold Glass

Gold glass is pure sunshine and will fill up any space with beautiful color. 


Lime glass swatch from 2B Glass Lime Glass

Crisp and cool, lime glass is perfect for summer drinks. 


Emerald glass swatch from 2B Glass Emerald Glass

Emerald glass reminds us of thick forests in the summer. Green, deep, and refreshing.


Aqua blue glass swatch from 2B Glass Aqua Blue Glass

Aqua glass reminds us of the clearest spring water, 


Mountain blue glass swatch from 2B Glass Mountain Blue Glass

Reminds us of the deep blue of night skies or the depths of the ocean.  


Copper blue glass swatch from 2B Glass Copper Blue Glass

Just a shade lighter than aqua, copper blue is serene and light.


Violet glass swatch from 2B Glass Violet Glass

 The more mellow sister to fuchsia, violet glass lends a perfect lavender sparkle to its contents. 


Purple glass swatch from 2B Glass Purple Glass

 This color glass always has an impact. Full of color, purple glass always makes a bold statement. 


Indigo glass swatch from 2B Glass Indigo Glass

Indigo glass is deep in color and bold in statement. 


Grey glass swatch from 2B Glass Grey Glass

Timeless and elegant, the grey of this glass is unique and beautiful.